Top 5 Modern Kitchen Designs
News | 22 Oct 2021
Top 5 Modern Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is an essential part of our house & also the most used space in our homes. Although we don't pay much attention to it.  If you are looking to jazz up your kitchen? We got you covered. 

Here are the 5 modern kitchen designs that we offer-

Are you looking for a modern kitchen design? If you are, this is the right place for you.

  1. Got an issue with space?

Just the right fit 

Space crunch is a common problem we all face but we still need a basic kitchen to put up with. By adding a corner cabinet or pull-out shelf you can unlock the under-utilized storage areas. Convert some of your upper cabinets to open shelves & store your dishware & glassware.  Arrange the kitchen appliances in a logical order. These few tips will make your kitchen look both functional and affordable.


  1. Thinking of a rustic cum stylish design? 


Old is the new gold


Create a vintage-style kitchen with nostalgic touches, including rustic furniture, retro appliances, and floral fabrics. The best vintage kitchens let the accessories do the talking, so ideally keep the units simple, and top them with timber work surfaces. Solid wood cabinets, left bare or painted pastel or muted shades, with rounded timber doorknobs, create the right level of laid-back charm. If you are looking to design a vintage kitchen, well we have lots of ideas that would work in a vintage-style kitchen.


  1. A comfort price for a kitchen that leaves you mesmerized.

A good bet for your kitchen set


A modern kitchen is sleek, innovative, and beautiful. No matter what your style is, whether bright and playful or monochromatic and sophisticated. The handleless, slab-door cabinets create a smooth flow throughout the kitchen. Two-toned cabinets are a raging trend in kitchen designs these days, and a built-in space for appliances like a microwave keeps bulky items off the countertop.  These are some of the unique ways to create a modern kitchen design.


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  1. A family of 5? Don’t worry we got you!


Be spacious be you 


Steel kitchens are not only stylish and aesthetic, they leave your kitchen looking ultra-modern and enhancing the beauty of your house. They are also durable, resistant, and easy to maintain. The cabinets are made up of high chromium and nickel alloy steels. That makes the chances of rusting almost negligible. Steel has a high level of resistance, therefore you need not worry about staining. It is completely and thoroughly recyclable. If we use such metals in modular kitchens and elsewhere, we might be able to do our bit towards saving our mother earth.


So, what are you waiting for? These are our top 5 modern kitchen designs. This list will be useful to you if you are looking to renovate or build a new kitchen. 


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