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Ultrafresh's attempt to give complete all round lavish kitchen is presently a win with the all new Ultrafresh kitchen ideas where you can cook calmly, feel crisp & enjoy quality time with your gang. ULTRAFRESH Modular Kitchen thoughts deal with each kitchen unit appearance agreeably, where clients can invest a large portion of their time setting up a few suppers for the day.

Our Cook Tops Range

A cook top can allude to the highest point of a stove or burners incorporated with a ledge. Numerous current cook tops are made of glass-earthenware called glass cook top. A drop-in extent has both burners on the top and a broiler and swings from a set pattern in the ledge. Most of the present day stoves come with implicit extractor hoods and hence the cook top price depends on the unit and stove compatibility.

From microwaves that can help you cook robust sustenance to dishwashers that can maintain cleanliness, ULTRAFRESH’S advanced kitchen mechanical assemblies have positively turned lives around. Check through an extensive range of cookware, high temperature item, kitchen stockpiling, cutting & cooking gadgets, consuming & serving, microwave cooking, tea & coffee serve item, bar & dishes on our website.

ULTRAFESH New Generation electric cook top

The cook top (reach) surface had one or more roundabout warming component, protected with compacted magnesia and sheathed in a winding metal tube. Warming components for the stove are of comparative development, however a prolonged circle to disseminate heat.

Components were made as module shopper replaceable parts and could likewise be uprooted for cleaning. Temperature of cooking components was controlled by altering a bimetal indoor regulator control switch, which exchanged power on and off to control the normal warming impact of the components.


So just a adapt of the western kitchen would not work , ultrafresh brings to you the smart indian kitchen madejust for you .


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