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  • Kitchen Chimneys
    Kitchen Chimneys
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    Kitchen is an integral part of each home; it is the space where the housewife spends most of her time preparing meals of the day for the family. Hence it is compulsory to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen area. Ultrafresh chimney helps maintaining hygiene at its best and cleanness at maximum. The range of kitchen chimneys provides hassle free cooking and comfort at the same time.

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  • Built In Hobs
    Kitchen Built in Hobs
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    Always believes to be the best inventor of aesthetic products Ultrafresh’s Built in Hobs are the authentic piece of any kitchen. Entire range of built in hobs gives a perfect look of the kitchen, this is stylish, easy to use and maintains the kitchen safety. Ultrafresh built in hobs revolves around amazing design, superb functionality and latest technology.

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  • Cooktops
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    Ultrafresh is the renowned name in the Indian kitchen appliances industry, serving the Indian consumer’s needs for more than two decades now. It offers exclusive range of cooktops which are the combination of creativity, style, simplicity and perfection; available in various specifications satisfies diverse requirements of different customers. Ultrafresh Cooktops are certainly the valued possession of the owner.

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  • Buy Home & Kitchen Appliances Online

    The heart & soul of any kitchen are its kitchen appliances, which are assumed to be the most critical part of kitchen stockpiling. We, at Ultrafresh, offer numerous kinds of kitchen and home appliances with an idea to upgrade kitchen space utilization thereby enhancing living knowledge. Our Range of Products

    We provide Extractable stages, pivoting racks and extractible sections which people can buy online. Our kitchen appliances offer adaptability to outfit diverse sizes and modules, being one stop answer to all the kitchen necessities, be it kitchen adornments, kitchen machines or particular kitchen. We engender convenience and comfort with dazzling and state-of-craftsmanship to bring forward excellent modern kitchen appliances.

    Our Online Presence

    As the current generation adapted online shopping, kitchen appliances are available to buy online too. Kitchen appliances in India have become an important factor for all households as people are switching to modern kitchen appliances. One can buy kitchen appliances online by looking at images and knowing more information about the respective product.

    Our entire range of modern kitchen appliances is designed to perform and change the concept of the modern day cooking. W e believe that modern day cooking is quick to save time and hence users look for options that help them not just cook with less energy but at the same time in a more timely manner. We take this time constraint into consideration while designing our kitchen appliances and modify them to be more eco-friendly and quick.

    Our Warranties

    Our products come with warranties that vary from product to product. Though we have an exquisite range of kitchen appliances, we also specialize in modular kitchen designs and other kitchen designing aspects. Our certified and professional team take pride in our services that are premeditated to customer satisfaction. Choose UTRAFRESH modern kitchen appliances and you’ll never have to sweat again while cooking.


So just a adapt of the western kitchen would not work , ultrafresh brings to you the smart indian kitchen madejust for you .


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