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5 Reasons To Choose Modular Furniture Over A Regular One

1. You a get a 3D view of your kitchen before it is made.

When you are planning any modular furniture with a brand like Ultrafresh, an expert is assigned who will book an appointment with you. The expert generally visits the site & takes the site measurement to ensure that the design is more accurate. The expert then tries to understand what your key needs & requirements are, what colors, materials do you have in mind. This information is then passed to the designer & you get a 3D view of your kitchen. The 3D view helps in understanding how your future modular kitchen would look like.

2. You don’t have to pay an extra penny other than the stated quote.

While creating customized modular furniture with Ultrafresh, the expert provides you with a 3D design for your modular furniture & along with the 3D you are also provided with a quote for the same. The quote given is inclusive of the acquired furniture, its transportation & installation.

With this, you only spend according to the quote & not a penny extra.

3. You get factory-finished furniture.

When you choose Modular furniture, all the furniture is made in the factory and assembled at your home. This ensures no mess at your home & easy assembly. The furniture has a smooth finish & edge giving sleek looks.

4. You a get completely customized design made for you.

If you choose Ultrafresh the doors to customization are always open. You get the design as per your requirements & needs. A customized design is planned as per your available space ensuring maximum utilization & storage.

5. You get a 10-year warranty on the product.

For any service issues with your modular furniture, you have a 10-year manufacturing warranty on your furniture. In case of any issues with the shutters or carcass of the furniture, you get free service. Along Ultrafesh offer 24×7 assistance to place your queries & complaints.

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