Type Of Shutter Opening For Every Kitchen
Kitchen | May 17,2022 13:19:05

While you choose a modular kitchen, shutter opening styles are one of the most attractive aspects of the kitchen. There are multiple options for your shutter openings & they are chosen based on the space available, the storage items & the look & feel of the kitchen. 

While your assigned expert helps you find the best, have a look at these shutter openings styles: 


Swing Shutter

The most commonly used shutter opening is the swing shutter. We all must be very familiar with this style but surely is the most functional. Adding good quality hinges makes the mechanism of the swing shutter more easy & smooth. Some experts also add certain wired racks to the shutter as it enhances more storage & optimum use of space. 

Flap- Up 

A kitchen that has more wall units in their kitchen design can choose the flap-up shutter for their wall cabinets. These shutters are an ideal choice if wall cabinet are been assigned storage for daily condiment jars like tea, coffee, spice jars, etc as they are easy & do not make noise. 


Rolling Shutter 

A rolling shutter or a roll-up shutter has proved to be one of the best options to keep your kitchen’s decluttered look up to mark. The unit with a rolling shutter is mostly used to store either kitchen appliances like a toaster, grinder, mixer, or glass crockery. A rolling shutter unit is mostly designed on the counter to make the rolling mechanism easy fo the user. 


Lift- Up

Lift- Up are similar to flap-ups in terms of looks, but the mechanism differs for both of them. 

A Lift -Up shutter is attached to the cabinet using hydraulic press hardware, and it lifts completely above the shutter. It is an ideal choice for wall cabinets and can be a single or double folded shutters. Adding glass in the center along with handless profile handles, added icing to the cake. 


Soft Close 

If you are a person who does not like the noise that occurs when you close a drawer, soft close is here to save the day. Soft-close is used in all drawers of your kitchen. Its mechanism assures smooth closure & a satisfying sight.

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