Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of building my dream kitchen with Ultrafresh?

You can refer to our order tracking page to understand our process.

How does the designer show me the design?

The expert visits your site & gives a complete design presentation.

What is the starting range of design?

Our kitchens start from 1 Lac. If you are aware of the site size, try our price calculator & get an estimate.

Do you create theme kitchens?

Yes, We create various theme kitchens, based on client requirements.

Are the appliances included in the kitchen designs?

The appliances are not a part of the quotation but are made available on request.

What other modular solution does Ultrafresh provide other than modular kitchens?

Ultrafresh creates a range of modular furniture like Modular kitchens, modular wardrobes, TV and bar Units cabinets for the living room, cabinets for bedroom or study room & storage units as well. All furniture is factory-made & installed at your home, hassle-free.

How will I know if the TV unit fits in my living room?

He expert visits your site & takes measurements. As per the measurements taken, the design is ergonomically created by the designer & presented to you with the help of 3D design.

How can I know if your wardrobe will fit in my bedroom?

The expert visits your site & takes measurements. As per the measurements taken, the design is ergonomically created by the designer & presented to you with the help of 3D design.

What is the starting range of your Modular Bar units?

Our bar units start from a ranged economically to fit in our client’s budget.

What is the starting range of your Modular Tv Units?

OurTv units start from a ranged economically to fit in our client’s budget.

What appliances can I include in the kitchen design if I want them in the design?

Any appliance requested by the client can be added in the design. The designers also plan to add a tall unit to keep kitchen appliances that can be easily accessed.

Do you make changes in the design after the order is placed?

Once the order is placed, the design cannot be modified as the material is taken into production.

Can we dismantle the furniture when we move to another place?

Yes! The best feature of modular kitchens, modular wardrobes & all other modular furniture is its flexibility to dismantle the design & re-install the design at the new site quickly.

What are the elements included in every kitchen design?

Your kitchen design includes all your modular kitchen cabinets, accessories & hardware for the cabinets.

Where are the products manufactured?

The design is manufactured in our factory, & goes under numerous quality checks. Post-qualifying the quality checks, it is packed & safely delivered to your home. The Ultrafresh service team installs the design at your home hassle-free.

What type of finishes do you provide?

We have a huge range of kitchen finishes. The finishes include acrylic finish kitchen, laminate finish kitchen, PU coated finish kitchen, Victorian finish kitchen, Marine Ply finish kitchen, MDF finish kitchen, HDHMR finish kitchen & more.

How many colors can I choose from?

Ultrafresh offers you a wide range of color choices, nearly more than 500 color options for you to choose from.

Do you make customized modular furniture?

Ultrafresh designs a wide range of customized modular furniture & also offers standard catalog products for you.

Do you assist in choosing the right colors?

Our experts are at your service to assist you in picking the right color scheme.

How long does it take to get my kitchen design?

We take 30 to 45 days to deliver your dream modular kitchen.

What type of after-sales service do you provide?

If you require any assistance post-installation, you can call our toll free number 1800 226 900 & team will assist you further.

Where can I place my complaints?

You can call us at 1800 226 900 or add your concerns using this link: (Link)

What brands do you use for handles and knobs?

We have partnered with leading brands to provide our clients with a wide range of selections.

Why should I choose a modular option?

Modular furniture are factory-made furniture, designed by experts & can be easily assembled & disassembled. Long with a luxury finish, you get brand warranties & after-sales service support.

What is the payment structure?

To get started with the custom design, you pay charges as guided by our expert to create your custom design which is later adjusted in your quote amount. On booking you pay 50% of the quoted amount & remaining 50% before material dispatch. We also have No-cost EMI options for our client looking for flexible payments.

How much do I have to pay initially?

While booking your modular design, you pay 50% in advance & remaining 50% before material dispatch.

Do you have an EMI scheme?

Yes, we have a no-cost EMI option.

Can I pay online? If yes, is the payment gateway secure?

Yes, you make your payments to the Ultrafresh team via online options.

How long does the delivery of your kitchen take?

The delivery takes 30-45 days from the time of order placement.

What is your cancellation policy?

For any queries regarding cancellation, please connect with our team at 1800 226 900.

How long does it take to install a modular kitchen?

Depending on the design & kitchen configuration, a kitchen installation takes between 3 to 5 days.

What type of warranty do you provide?

We give a 10 Year Warranty* on modular designs. The hardware & accessories warranty is as per the chosen brand option.

Can I get my design consultation virtually?

Yes, our experts can present you with a design consultation virtually.

Where are the Ultrafresh studios located? Which is the nearest studio to me?

We have a huge network of experience studios across India with the latest displays of Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes, Tv & Bar units in our studios. You can find the nearest studio using this link : {link} We suggest you book an appointment prior to your visit.

When are your studios open?

Our studios are typically open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Who will assist me at an Ultrafresh Studio?

An Ultrafresh expert will guide you through our displays & help you with the process to create your design.

How can I get in touch with Ultrafresh?

You can connect with us at our Toll-Free number 1800 226 900 or 7304500766.

How can I track my order?

To track your order, just add your order number in the link: {link} .

How can I contact you in case of any queries?

You can connect with us at our Toll-Free number 1800 226 900 or 7304500766.

Are you present on any social media platforms?

Yes, you can stay connected with us via our social media platforms with the links given below.

How can I get an Ultrafresh Franchise?

You can add your enquiry via our franchise page. The concerned team will connect with you & brief you with the process & eligibility to become an Ultrafresh franchise partner.

What are the eligibility criteria to get an Ultrafresh franchise?

To become an Ultrafresh Franchise partner, you must own or rent a suitable space which is 800 – 1000 sqft with an investment capability above 12 lacs.

What is the initial investment?

The investment for opening up a Franchise studio is above 12 Lacs.

What support does the company provide to its partners?

Ultrafresh acts as a complete support system for its franchises. The brand provides you with the design, sales & marketing support and service support.

How can I know about your existing studios?

You can visit our studio page & know more about our studios.

Is the workforce provided by the company?

The brand provides you with a Business Development Manager for sales support.

Do we need designers at the studio?

We have a centralized design team working from our head office, who designs from our clients all over India.