Wardrobe Styles

A basic, practical option. Provides a clean and minimalistic look
With a sleek look, with no handles required.Great space saver for small bedrooms.
An unobstructed view of your wardrobe clear section and easy retrieval of space.

Wardrobe Architecture

Space for everything & Everyone
Single Door
A single door wardrobe is an ideal choice for storing personal belongings.
Double Kitchen
Two door opening, allows larger storage space than single door.
3 Door Wardrobe
Perfect choice for a bedroom wardrobe.

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Your wardrobe is built with the best

Choosing a wooden carcass opens up doors to minimal maintenance and decade long life.

Marine Ply (BWP) - This marine ply is highly resistant to humidity & moisture, which makes it an ideal choice of material.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) - MDF is the best in class engineered wood that is an ideal choice for paint application, storage body & an economic option

  • PU coated
    You can pick up any colour for a topcoat. PU coating finishes come in matte and High Gloss.
  • Wood Finish
    Giving it a classic heritage look with modern twist.
  • Palladium Strip Finish
    Add a luxury vibe to your space by adding differentiated patterns of these metallic strips in gold, silver & more.
  • Steel Finish
    More resistance to daily wear & tear, is rust proof and has a longer lifetime.
  • Powder Coated
    Eco Friendly, prevents rust & termite. It's easy to clean and available in a wide range of colours.
  • Back Painted Glass
    Give a richer look, easy to clean and shows a reflective surface.
  • Victorian Finish
    Has detailed deep carvings, with most luxurious and pastel colour options.
  • 4SEB Laminate
    Water proof ply with 4 sides edge bend, no peeling off & gives smooth edges.
  • Acrylic Finish
    High gloss acrylic finish, flat ,reflective surface & scratch resistant.
  • Membrane
    Stylish looks along with impeccable finish, is easy to clean.

Choose from a huge range of german brands, using the best quality materials and mechanism.
Promoting the 'Make in India', get the best Indian made channels, hinges & handles.
Wardrobe handles
Routine handles
Easy to handle and come in a variety of patterns and shapes.
Inlay handles
Placed along the very edge of the cabinets, give a sleek atypical look to your wardrobe.
G shaped
Attached to the cabinet carcass, get you a harmonious and uniform look.
Compact, geometrical and sturdy looks for easy access.
Price calculator
You Can calculate tentative cost as per your kitchen size and material you want, which will help you to plan a perfect kitchen.

Wardrobes for you

Perfect space for a pair
Easy to reach, Fun & Frolly colours
Individual space & privacy

Why choose an Ultrafresh Wardrobe

Wooden Modular Wardrobes
10 Year warranty
Custom Designs
In-house Manufacturing
Wide range of finishes
Easy Finance options
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Wardrobe deconstruction
  • 1Pull Down Lift
  • 2Trouser Rack
  • 3Wire Basket
  • 4Pull Out Mirror
  • 5Tie Pullout
  • 6Drawer
  • 7Shoe Rack
  • 8Hanger Rod
  • 9Three Tier
  • 10Jewellery Tray
  • 11Pullout Shelf
  • 12Rattan Basket
Pull Down Lift
Trouser Rack
Wire Basket
Pull Out Mirror
Tie Pullout
Shoe Rack
Hanger Rod
Three Tier Basket
Jewellery Tray
Pullout Shelf
Rattan Basket
Price calculator
You can calculate tentative cost as per your kitchen size and material you want, which will help you to plan a perfect kitchen
Supremacy of Modular Wardrobes

Space utility - Modular wardrobe’s special feature is about their smart use of space. Modular wardrobes fit in small spaces with lots of inbuilt accessories and sections that allow more storage.

Sleek looks - Furniture looks are a must when it comes to having a good room decor and modular wardrobes are just the right fit for room decor. You can get customisation with your finishes and colours that match your existing room decor.

Easy to maintain - Modular wardrobes are easy to maintain, as while cleaning the drawers, hanging rods, racks can be easily dismantled.

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